Gun Review and Accessories: Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol

Taurus G2C Review First Thoughts:

The Taurus G2C is a inexpensive yet extremely fun firearm for the everyday shooter or those looking for their first firearm.  While the G2C is a inexpensive firearm do not let the price fool you.  The quality to price value is excellent for this firearm.  The PT111 was released in 2013 to replace the previous line of Millennium Pro pistols.

The Taurus G2c has gone through a few different versions but the current model is a great pistol for your money.  The original PT111 had some issues that they seemed to have worked out in the new G2C while keeping the look and price point in check. While some believe they just took the easy route and just renamed a old firearm they did rework and fix some known quality issues from before.

G2C Design Details:

The Taurus is a double stack pistol that has a capacity of 10+1 magazine & 12+1 factory magazines.  The aftermarket offers 15 round and 32 round extended magazine options for this firearm.  The firearm features a polymer frame with precise textured panels to enable the shooter a good grip on the gun.  The front rail allows for the shooter to mount accessories to the underside of their firearm.  The G2C come in many frame color options as well as matte black and stainless steel slides. The firearm features a adjustable rear sight and a fixed front sight.  Taurus states the firearm is a striker fired pistol that has around a 6/7 pound initial pull.  The firearm features a manual safety as well as a trigger safety for those looking for carry features.

G2C Product Details:

Item #:  1-G2C931-12
UPC:  725327616030
Description:  TAURUS G2C 9MM PST 12RD B
Brand:  Taurus
Model:  G2C
Type:  Pistol: Semi-Auto
Caliber:  9MM
Finish:  Matte Black
Action:  Striker
Stock:  Polymer Frame
Sight:  FT: Fixed White Dot RR: Adjustable White Dot
Barrel Length:  3.2
 Overall Length:  6.2
Weight:  22 oz
Capacity:  12+1
# of Mags:  2
Safety:  Manual Safety
Receiver:  Accessory Rail
Features:  Textured Grip;
Thin Profile, High Profile Sights


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