Reasons My Credit Card Needs To Match Billing Address


   Magazine Orders:

  1.  We try to protect your credit card from fraud as much as possible.  Yes we understand this may be inconvenient for you but unfortunately for everyone credit card fraud is a real thing and we try to not put up with it as much as possible.
  2.  No you cant ship your magazines to a place where the credit card isn’t billed to.  By clicking the box that says they match means the items ordered will be going to the billing address for whatever credit card is used.  Yes we understand you can do that on other websites (i.e Amazon) sorry we are not them.
  3. Please DO NOT ORDER from us if you cant comply with these terms as your order will be cancelled. If it gets cancelled please DO NOT get mad at us for it. We try to give everyone all the information they need. We want to sell as many items as possible but in a responsible way for everyone involved.


   Firearm Orders:

1.  Yes your billing address you provide still needs to match that for your credit card you are using.

2.  Your order must be shipped to a valid FFL.  Please enter their information in the shipping portion of the order and we will get in contact with them to get the necessary documents to ship your firearm out.

3.  Please note that firearms must be shipped to your state of residency.  Also, if you live close to a boarder DO NOT ship them to another state just because its the closest FFL.


We put these rules in place to protect your credit card integrity.  Please understand that we truly care about our customers and their identities online and this is by no means to say that your trying to get one over on anyone.  Please understand that there is a extreme amount of fraud that happens online all the time and in this industry.  Being a two brother company we are trying to grow with our customers while looking out for everyone’s online safety.  We understand these rules may not work for some shopping online and we apologize but they are our rules.  If they do not work for you please look elsewhere for the product as their policies may differ.


Thank you guys very much for your support

One Stop Firearms