Gun Review: The Glock 19x 9mm Pistol

Gun Review: The Glock 19x 9mm Pistol


The Glock 19X pistol is a perfect fit for anyone who wants a reliable handgun. Check out our review to learn more about this gun!

The Glock 19X is an excellent choice for those looking for a full size – compact semi-automatic pistol that offers great accuracy and reliability. The 19X is basically a Glock 19 slide with a G17 frame.  The Glock 19X was Glocks attempt at trying to secure the Army military contract.  While Glock may not have succeeded against the Sig Sauer M18 pistol the firearm community has with another incredibly reliable Glock pistol.

The Glock 19X Pistol

This model features a polymer frame with a slide made of stainless steel.  One of the features includes the new Marksman Barrel.  This barrel uses different rifling than previous Glocks.  The enhanced rifling allows for an actual improvement of shooting accuracy over previous Glock versions.

The new 19X also gives the shooter a much-improved Gen5 trigger that many shooters have been hoping for.  Glock triggers have never been known for their crispness, but the new trigger assembly has helped make a much more tolerable shooting experience.

The G19X features a nPVD-coated slide in Flat Dark Earth color also marking the first and only to date colored slide from Glock.  The nPVD coating allows for the ability to withstand extreme abuse from everyday shooters. The frame of the 19x is within the Gen5 family but does have some features others do not.  It does not have a flared magwell nor finger grooves which were in the Gen3 and Gen4 Glocks. Now the 19X also features a lanyard loop, not sure if it’s to buckle it to your hip or hang around your neck but hey it’s there.  The full-sized frame allows for a relaxed grip or a frame that will fit a shooter with larger hands.

The 19X features a single 17 round magazine and 2 19 round magazines.


Glock 19X 19 Round Magazine



The Glock 19X has a MSRP of $707.00 but many can be found around the sub 600 price point.

Pros & Cons


Reliability, as Glock has always been known for.

Looks, many people love the overall look and feel of the 19X pistol

Size, the overall size of the frame lends itself towards those that need more frame to fit their mitts around or want a relaxed shooting position.

Extras, as with all Gen5 pistols it comes with the extra 3rd mag.  Everyone always loves more mags.


Lanyard Loop, come on guys who needs a lanyard loop?


If you’re looking for a good quality handgun at an affordable price, then the Glock 19X is a great option.  As with most Glocks if you’re looking for a extremely reliable firearm at a affordable price point this could be a good option for you.  If you ask most people, you may not always get the best trigger, but few will ever doubt Glock reliability.

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